During ‘TheBigEmptyShopExperiment’ organised by Dr Gill Allard & Sophie Paterson, DecemberLab’s ‘VerticalCinema’ were invited to present an archive showreel of artist screenings. This took place in an unused space in the old Index Store at the bottom of Queens St, Cardiff from 11th – 22nd July 2011.

Nicolas William Hughes - I Can't Make Bird Noises.

Jonathan Thomas - Hang up (Study for Modern Beauty).

Freeman & Fine - In you, everything sank.

Huw Williams - Ultimate Blinddate.

Edwin Rostron - Of Unknown Origin.

Lee Rose - Tautologies (Variations./ #).

Ruth Scott - Order.

Sophie Paterson & Dr Gill Allard, Organisers of 'TheBigEmptyShopExperiment'


‘Being’, collated a cross-section of artists working in moving image (and related fields) that deal implicitly with the terminology or are evident within the taxonomy. Whether this be a subjective or the ‘non-subject’ context, Da-sein, or an objective, material/structural realisation of ‘a being’, the curated space then observed topologies due to dialogic relations.

Interior of ‘The Wardrobe’.
Interior of ‘The Wardrobe’.
Second Floor Interior: ‘The Wardrobe’

‘Being’ contained the work of six artists:

Garrett Lynch
Daniel Jeczalik
Jonathan Thomas
Freeman & Fine
Henrik Hendinge
Liam O’Conner

Garrett Lynch: Performance Artifact.
‘I’m Garrett Lynch’ & ‘The Green Stage’
Daniel Jeczalik
Excerpts from ‘Ipse Collapse’
Jonathan Thomas persuading his projector.
Jonathan Thomas: Framework.
Freeman & Fine
Laments upon the wondrous trees (I remember you as you were)
Henrik Hendinge: GenderFlux
Liam O’Conner
Film Still.
Liam O’Conner